Łukasz Klimek / 2018-11-21

Our team is growing - join us!

We are a team of DevOps engineers, focused on building and maintaining of complex IT systems for international customers. Currently we are looking for new person to join our team as a Linux SysOps/Problem Solver. We need someone who will be on-call, react on alerts, quickly workaround issues and incidents, determine root cause of these issues and fix them as soon as possible.

Łukasz Klimek / 2017-11-21

In Openstack Mitaka, one of our users has been locked out from his Windows instance. The instance was volume-backed (booted from volume).

Due to non-standard system configuration, Openstack mechanisms to reset password didn't work. The only solution we had was to "rescue" the instance - boot it with another system image - and change password. Unfortunately, standard "nova rescue" mechanism didn't work - but we've found an easy workaround for that.

Łukasz Klimek / 2017-06-26

On one of systems we have noticed weird issues with CEPH-backed Cinder volumes. Hundreds of snapshots and volumes got stuck in "deleting" state. Seemed like cinder-volume service was down (and, in fact, Zabbix was complaining every now and then that it's down, but it quickly recovered).

We decided that old, good "service restart" command might be a good solution to this issue - and, in fact, it was. At least for the moment. We've cleaned up the mess, reseted state of stuck volumes and snapshots, and went home for a well-deserved rest. However, as it turned down, the rest wasn't really so well-deserved.

Łukasz Klimek / 2017-03-29

Last Wednesday (March 22, 2017)  I had a honor and pleasure to participate in "Openstack Day Warsaw 2017" conference, during which I gave a talk about one of our OpenStack deployments -

Łukasz Klimek / 2017-01-23

Did you ever want to run Amazon's AWS Storage Gateway appliance on Openstack with KVM hypervisor? Bad news is that it's not supported - you need to deploy it either on EC2, VMWare or HyperV. Good news is it's quite easy to convert this appliance to KVM - and here I will show you how.

Łukasz Klimek / 2016-10-28

We have deployed Openstack on 64 servers for - public cloud provider fom Szczecin, Poland. Thanks to our help, PomeraniaCloud can provide the following services:

* VPS and cloud servers
* Block storage
* Virtual networks
* Floating IPs
* Firewall as a Service, Load Balancer as a Service
* Dedicated servers (bare metal)
* Object storage