Pomerania Cloud: Openstack based public cloud

28 October 2016


Pomerania Cloud is a public cloud services provider in Szczecin, Poland. During more than a year of deployment and implementation, we have built a system that supports building of both public and private clouds, contains highly-available, triple-replicated block storage, encrypted object storage, dedicated servers (bare metal) and many, many more.

Business services

  • VPS and cloud servers

  • Block storage

  • Virtual networks

  • Floating IPs

  • Firewall as a Service, Load Balancer as a Service

  • Dedicated servers (bare metal)

  • Object storage


Our hardware

  • 64 physical servers

  • Total: 2 048 cores

  • 4 096 GB RAM

  • 768 TB HDD storage (raw)

  • 46 TB SSD storage (raw)


  • Juniper switches and routers

  • Fortigate 1500 firewall


  • Commodity hardware with CEPH:

    • 256 TB of effective HDD storage (CEPH, 3 replicas)

    • 30 TB of effective SSD storage (RAID 5)

  • 2 * IBM Storwize V3700 SFF

About us

Pomerania Cloud is a brand of  Science and Technology Park of Szczecin. Pomerania Cloud offers cloud services for local and global businesses from IT sector.

Pomerania Cloud servers and networking was delivered and deployed by Sprint S.A. Sprint also coordinated whole project as a general contractor.

Manago.Cloud team was responsible for deployment and maintenance of Pomerania Cloud OpenStack infrastructure. 

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