Running Amazon Storage Gateway appliance on Openstack and KVM

23 January 2017
AWS Storage Gateway

Did you ever want to run Amazon's AWS Storage Gateway appliance on Openstack with KVM hypervisor? Bad news is that it's not supported - you need to deploy it either on EC2, VMWare or HyperV. Good news is it's quite easy to convert this appliance to KVM - and here I will show you how.

First, you should download AWS Storage Gateway appliance for VMWare. Once you unzip downloaded file, you'll get .ova appliance image. This one is a simple tar archive, which can be extracted with:

tar xf  filename.ova


This command should give you access to AWS-Storage-Gateway-disk1.vmdk file, which can be easily converted to KVM-friendly format (my choice is RAW) with qemu-img:

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O raw AWS-Storage-Gateway.vmdk AWS-Storage-Gateway.raw


Now just upload it to Glance and set disk bus type to IDE:

openstack  image create AWS-Storage-Gateway --file AWS-Storage-Gateway.raw --disk-format raw --container-format bare --project 'Cloud Infrastructure' --property  hw_disk_bus=ide


The most important thing here is to use "ide" as disk bus - otherwise the appliance will not boot properly.

Now you can boot new instance using newly created image, open its IP address in your web browser, and proceed with configuration of AWS Storage Gateway.